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PaintingNegro Life at the South  
PaintingNo Ball Tonight  
WoodcutSensation among "Our Colored Brethren"  
PaintingWatch Meeting Dec. 31st 1862. Waiting for the Hour [Version 1, NY Historical Society]  
PaintingConfidence and Admiration  
PaintingSong of Mary Blane  
DrawingOmenhausser [Minstrel Show Drawing] Banjo on Left  
unknownOld Virginia Home  
PaintingWatch Meeting Dec. 31st 1862. Waiting for the Hour [version 2]  
PaintingMorrill Banjo Player  
PaintingThe Old Plantation  
PhotographUSS Hunchback Brady Photo  
PhotographChamber Orchestra, January 16, 1865  
LithographUncle Tom's Cabin [chromoloithograph]  
PhotographBanjo Player with Checkered Collar and Crushed Top Hat  
PhotographMinstrel Clown; Image by R.A. Lord  
PhotographBanjo and Bones with Legs Akimbo  
PhotographBanjo with Squared Scoop, Top Hat, and Bad Makeup Job  
PhotographBanjo with Narrow Neck with Fiddle and Bones and Black Ties  
Photograph8 Boys with Banjo and Telegraph Machines  
PhotographBanjo with Bones, Fiddle, Triangle, and Tambo [ensemble]  
Photograph99th Ohio Regiment Stringband  
PhotographBanjoist William J. Anderson  
Sheet MusicBanjoist E.H. Pierce, Hoop De Doodem Doo  
PhotographBanjoist with Light Planter's Hat  
EngravingBanjoist Joseph Cave  
PhotographBanjoist and Bones player with Wide Brim Hat and Circus Attire  
PhotographPeel and West with Banjo and Tambo  
PhotographBanjoist D.S. Wambold  
PhotographBanjo with Tackhead; Image by A.A. Fish  
PhotographBanjo with Swelled Neck; Image by E.P. Fowler  
PhotographBanjo with Large Scoop; Image by Cooper and Demarest  
PaintingCalyo 1834, Negro Dancer and Banjo Player BANJO  
PaintingSnyder 1871, Family in Interior  
PaintingMiller 1853, Lynchburg Negro Dance  
PaintingWarrel 1815, The Banjo Man  
PaintingEhninger 1863, Old Kentucky Home  
PaintingUnknown Artist and Title 1815-1820, Banjo Man and Dancer  
PaintingFuller 1875, The Banjo Player  
PaintingBrooke 1881, A Pastoral Visit  
PhotographUnknown 1860s, Black Musicians in Minstrel Line  
Sheet Music, EngravingSnyder (composer) 1827, The Coal Black Rose BANJO  
PhotographUnknown Photographer 1865, Young Woman Playing the Banjo  
PaintingLiberty Displaying the Arts and Sciences  
LithographLafosse 1857, The Banjo Player  
PaintingHovenden 1882, Dem was Good Ole Times  
unknownBroadside June 11th,1840, Whitlock, Diamond, and Browne  
PhotographBanjo with Tackhead, Player on Painted Chair  
Sheet MusicBuckley's New Banjo Method, 1860.  
PhotographBoy with Banjo  
PhotographBanjo with Tailpiece Above Base of Body  
PhotographBanjo with Large Head  
PhotographBanjo with Swelled Neck  
PhotographBanjo with S-shaped Peghead  
PhotographBanjo with Long Neck and Large Head  
PhotographBanjoist with Checkered Pants and Vest; Image by L.C. Laudy  
PhotographBoucher Banjo with 3 Soldiers  
PhotographBanjoist Mattie Vernon with Boucher Banjo  
PhotographBanjo with Tintypes in Neck  
LithographDan Bryant Poster, Bryant with Banjo "Power of Music"  
PhotographBanjoist Dan Bryant with Banjo (carte-de-visite)  
DrawingVan Hagen's Oct. 18, 1859 Patent  
unknownThe Albany Directory for 1866  
PhotographBanjoist Converse and Jig Dancer Peel  
Sheet MusicConverse's Banjo Without a Master BANJO [front cover], 1865  
DrawingOmenhausser [Minstrel Show Drawing] Banjo on Right  
LithographDan Bryant Poster, Banjo as Decoration  
Sheet MusicThe Banjo and How to Play It BANJO [1872]  
DrawingL. Brown October 17, 1865 Patent GUITAR BANJO  
DrawingGeorge Teed April 8, 1862 Patent BANJO  
PhotographFemale Banjoist CDV; Image by W. Dyer BANJO  
DrawingWilliam B. Tilton April 24, 1866 Patent BANJO  
DrawingGeorge Mein August 28, 1866 Patent BANJO  
DrawingJerome Mayberger December 24, 1867 Patent BANJO  
DrawingH.C. Dobson July 16, 1867 Patent BANJO  
PhotographDobson Banjo CDV; Image by M.K. Tripp BANJO  
PhotographBanjoist Riddout April 23, 1866 BANJO  
PaintingPainting of Minstrel with Akonting-like Instrument  
PhotographAmbrotype Double Head with Tacks  
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